Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bring back the Bust of Nefertiti!

It was the habit, a few years ago, that what I dig up is mine... or at least my country's....

This was the case with the bust of Queen Nefertiti, one of Egypt's most famous queens, that was discovered by a German archaeologist in the early 20th century. Using 'fraudulent' means, the bust found its way shipped to Germany where it now still is. The Egyptian's Antiques Committee has formally requested its return last week to Egypt.

Although we firmly believe that it should come back to Egypt, where it belongs, we also suggest to wait a few more weeks or months until the operation takes place (if the Germans accept that is!) until the riots hush down... we don't want the bust to be au milieu of another conflict now do we?

For more information, please check out DW-World news article.

Egypt's Heritage at Risk!

I guess that if you stumbled upon this blog, you are interested in what is happening to Egypt's Historic sites and about the riots that have broken out last week against the leader Mubarak.

Unfortunately 2 mummies were profaned, one of which was decapitated. Some statues were also damaged and now the army have tightened security and barricaded the way to the pyramids to prevent extremists of the Brotherhood from damaging some of the World's Oldest and most Precious artifacts.

It should be not only the Egyptian authorities concern but also of those who have History at heart and especially UNESCO should take some form of initiative to preserve this world heritage as best!

For more information check out websites such as BBC News for latest updates on the Riots and this article on All Voices which speaks of the looting!


World Diggers Day!

So fellow Egyptologists, we know that we're 2 days late, but still we wish to remember all Archeologists especially those that look after Egyptian Relics - Happy Digger's Day!

February 1st was designated as a day to remember all Archelogists, to appreciate their work and thank them for their job. Without them a lot of the world's heritage would either have been undiscovered or badly manhelded. Of course without them, Historians wouldn't have evidence to work with either so we ought a good part of our job to them as well!!

For more information about - World Digger's Day, please check out this article on the ArchNews !

Happy Digging ^^


The first working morning!

Good Morning from the UOM IT services ^^

The website is finally up and running and all links seem to work. Will check it out again just in case there are some tweaks left to do but I am satisfied with my design idea :)

Today it is pouring outside and our streets look like the River Nile when it is in full flood! The only difference is that after the floods in Malta we don't have fertilized lands let behind but pieces of floating tarmac, more potholes and a lot of damages!

Anyway wishing you all a very good day :)


Monday, January 24, 2011



This blog was created specifically to accompany the website - Egyptology for Form 1 Students. The website and the blog were done in part fulfilment for a PGCE credit but it was also an opportunity to practice our creativity and share our resources. The Website is tailored to cater for the Form 1 Syllabus that has a section dedicated to Ancient Egypt. Since in class the teacher doesn't have a lot of time allotted to explore the subject but on the other hand the students love it, this website can be used in conjunction to the classroom lesson to enhance learning. The History Teacher may also wish to coordinate the use of this website with the IT teacher so that the students will spend a lesson learning how to retrieve information and download stuff from the website but also fill in the Questionnaire available in the Information Point section and leave a comment in the Guest book provided.

At the moment the website is still under construction... just a few tweaks left before its official launch!

Also follow this blog if you wish to be notified about new posts, new updates and new information Egyptologists in the making should be aware of!